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We combine world-class expertise with cost-effective locally developed products to insure that our solutions match your budget.

GK3800 CrossX PBX

A full-featured PBX based on modern networking technology and international standards. It supports:

  • Voicemail
  • Conference calling
  • Call forwarding, caller ID
  • Custom call routing/least cost routing
  • Call queueing, interactive voice response
  • Auto attendant/switchboard operator
  • Traditional telephone interfaces: T1/E1, ISDN, Analog, and PBX
  • Voice over IP systems using H.323, SIP, and MGCP protocols
  • Flexible dial-plan, easy programming
  • High-availability/clustering

GK3800 CrossX PBX brochure

GK3100 Advanced H.323 Gatekeeper

This standards-compliant gatekeeper manages voice/video traffic in an H.323-based VoIP system. It supports user/device registration, number/address translation, call routing, access/resource control, quality of service management, and accounting.

It can operate as a proxy, allowing secure connections between internal and external networks. It scales from hundreds to tens of thousands of connections.

GK3100 Advanced H.323 Gatekeeper brochure

GK3200 Series Gateways

Gateways serve as the bridge between different telephone systems. Our gateways enable connections between the public switched telephone network, voice over IP systems and legacy PBX systems. They scale from one connection up to tens of thousands of connections. Popular protocols include H.323, SIP, MGCP, E&M, FXS, and FXO. Interfaces include Ethernet, analog telephone, BRI ISDN, PRI ISDN, T1 and E1.

GK3500 H.323 Multi-Conference Unit

The Multi-Conference Unit connects multiple H.323 voice or video systems in a conference call. Transcoding allows equipment using different protocols or running at different speeds to participate in the same conference. You can mix and match telephones, computers, cellphones, and videoconferencing units, all at one time. MCU systems can scale to hundreds of conferences and thousands of endpoints.

GK3600 Automatic Call Director/Interactive Voice Response

Enables sophisticated applications for call centers or high volume environments. IP technology makes application integration easy. Supports work-at-home agents and remote call centers over the Internet, allowing easy "follow the sun" support. Web-based access to call centers allows web customers to ask questions about products or get technical support.