Asia Technology Partners

Asia Technology Partners is a consulting and systems integration company based in Taipei, Taiwan and offering services throughout the region. Our mission is to help customers make the best use of new technology, allowing them to streamline their operations and take advantage of new ways of doing business.

Our consultants have more than twenty years of experience building global IT and telecommunications solutions in a wide range of industries. We take the guesswork out of IT, delivering proven solutions which take advantage of the latest technology and prepare you for future growth. We provide complete solutions consulting, beginning with business alignment and continuing through complete project implementation. We can provide turn-key solutions for specific focus areas and complete customized solutions which enhance your key competitive business processes. We take international best practices and apply them to local situations.

Our ability to solve client problems sets us apart.

Converged Networks

In the past, companies maintained separate telephone and data communications networks. Now these systems are morphing into a single unified network which supports all kinds of communications and collaboration technologies, from traditional audio phone calls to video, email, SMS, instant messaging, data sharing and more. Increases in communications speed and technologies like wireless networking add new dimensions to the communications infrastructure.

These new collaborative tools allow employees to work together and communicate with customers and suppliers in new ways, increasing efficiency and improving customer service. But making all these technologies work together requires a broad range of experience and vision for where the technology is going. We can help you integrate new capabilities into your existing systems, evolving them to handle new tasks and processes.

Networking and Security

We architect networks from the ground up, ensuring that they can handle new applications in a cost effective way. We insure that systems are secure and only authorized users are allowed in. We give you the tools and training to manage your network and IT systems, giving you the knowledge of what applications are running and the ability to prioritize usage and charge different departments for the resources they consume. And we help you to optimize your network resources to make the best use of your infrastructure investments.

We have particular expertise in deploying networks for voice and video over IP, including voice/video conferencing and video streaming solutions. Our consultants have deployed global network solutions with tens of thousands of nodes. We have extensive hands-on experience with traditional telecommunications networks, WANs, LANs and wireless networks.

Our certified security professionals can help you plug the gaps in your systems and establish effective security policies that are practical to use. We can help you build virtual private networks (VPNs) which allow controlled access to internal network resources for your employees and business partners over shared networks like the Internet.

IT Management Consulting and Project Management

Our years of experience in the management and design of IT networks and transaction processing systems allows us to distinguish the best practice policies and procedures needed to make things run smoothly. As consultants we have rescued projects that have gone off track due to various environmental, process or procedural issues.

Although your IT team knows your company's current needs, the migration to a larger scale network is filled with obstacles and pitfalls. We can help guide your team past the challenges of the "technology jungle", accelerating their learning curve and helping them put in place mature processes to manage their systems. We architect systems with an eye on the future, based on your vision and business objectives. Your company can benefit from our experience, allowing you to avoid the mistakes associated with large infrastructure projects.

While technology is universal, business and culture are not. We architect systems with an understanding of the culturally diverse and dynamic environment. We bridge the gaps between foreign solutions and local situations.