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GK3800 CrossX PBX

Key Features

  • Voicemail
  • Conference calling
  • Call forwarding
  • Custom call routing/least cost routing
  • Call queueing, interactive voice response
  • Auto attendant/switchboard operator
  • Traditional telephone interfaces: Analog/T1/E1/ISDN/PBX
  • Supports voice over IP systems using H.323, SIP, and MGCP protocols
  • Flexible dial-plan, easy programming
  • High availability/clustering support
  • Provides call detail records for usage accounting

The CrossX is a PBX based on modern networking technologies. It supports the full range of traditional PBX services in a cost-effective, open-standards package, while taking advantage of unified messaging technologies to improve collaboration.

The GK3800 offers classical PBX functionality and advanced features normally found only in large proprietary PBX systems, including voicemail, conference calling, call queuing, and call and cost accounting.

It provides everything necessary for small or medium-sized offices, including auto-attendant/switchboard operator, custom call routing, voicemail, and interactive voice response. It can also be expanded to handle multiple remote offices in a global environment. The product family scales to handle high-volume call center requirements and thousands of seats.

The GK3800 provides seamless integration of traditional telephony systems and voice-over-IP systems, offering a common set of services to users regardless of connection type.

Calls can be routed between sites over the Internet, saving telephone charges -- a perfect solution for inter-branch calling. Multiple sites can share a single large connection to the telephone network, instead of each site managing its own lines.

Multiple offices can share a single voice mail system, saving administrative and hardware costs.

It integrates with enterprise systems for accounting, systems management, security management and network quality of service.

An intuitive web-based management interface lets you easily administer accounts and custom call routing plans. Unified messaging links voice, fax and email systems into a single "in-box."

GK3800 CrossX PBX Features

Base System Features

The Base System supports a wide range of services for VoIP users. It supports H.323 systems, as well as draft support for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP).

Advanced Call Handling

Auto Attendant/Switchboard Operator

Company Directory Listing/Lookup

Call Detail Records for Accounting

Flexible Routing

Conference Calling

Call Queueing

Easy Setup/Development


Voicemail System

Voicemail systems may optionally be configured with RAID high-availability/high-performance storage systems.

Telephone System Gateways

Basic Gateway, one of the following:

Advanced Gateway, choose from:

Basic or Advanced H.323 Gatekeeper

Advanced Automatic Call Director

Advanced Interactive Voice Response

Billing System

Calling Card Management System

Network Proxy

Advanced System Monitoring

G.729 codec support

Hardware Options

All features and specifications subject to change without notice.