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Some Facts About ATP Voice Over IP Systems

A voice over IP system can help you reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance customer service

Voice over IP (VoIP) systems use modern technology to send telephone signals over IP data networks, eliminating the need to maintain separate voice and data systems. The IP in VoIP stands for the "Internet Protocol", the lingua franca which allows all the systems on the Internet to communicate. This exciting new technology brings the telephone into the digital age, allowing a single network to handle all your communications needs.

Key Benefits

Solutions from Asia Technology Partners provide:

Reduced communications costs

VoIP is designed for efficient use of resources. New compression techniques pack up to ten times more calls on the same physical lines without sacrificing quality. VoIP eliminates internal telephone tariff charges, running all internal calls on your data network backbone. This backbone lets you consolidate external telephone lines, eliminating redundant lines and reducing costs.

VoIP can eliminate toll charges or costly tie-lines for calls between remote locations. Voice traffic flows over the IP connections you already have in place.

Reduced administrative costs

VoIP lets you combine your voice and data networks into a single unified network, reducing requirements for hardware and human resources. By standardizing on open-systems IP networks, you avoid the need for expertise in obscure and/or proprietary telephone technology.

Improved manageability

A wide range of analytical tools help you understand how calls are being made, allowing more accurate usage accounting and planning for future needs. These tools let you charge back expenses to the divisions actually using the resources and find employees who are abusing the company network.

Increased flexibility

VoIP technology has no geographical boundaries. It is perfect for branch offices, allowing you to add capacity quickly and cheaply and grow it as your business grows. You can set up a branch office just by plugging a phone into the network line.

VoIP is great for call centers. IP technology makes application development easier, and universal IP connectivity lets agents work from home or remotely from a different country, allowing easy "follow the sun" support or disaster recovery.

New services and improved communications

VoIP technology gives you a competitive advantage through better communications.

An integrated customer contact center combines all customer support information into a single interface, whatever the communications channel: voice, email, fax, IM, etc. Customers can start with an email and follow up with a phone call, or vice versa. Add a button on your web site allowing customers to talk to a customer service representative if they have questions about a product.

Unified messaging combines voice, fax and email systems into a single "in-box," improving employee communication and responsiveness. Mobile users can receive voicemails and faxes via email, without needing to go to the office. Easy-to-use web interfaces eliminate the cryptic button sequences need to operate PBX phones for voicemail and forwarding.

Solutions from Asia Technology Partners:

  • Cut telecommunications costs
  • Maximize your current infrastructure and capital investment
  • Improve the utilization of your IT resources
  • Reduce network complexity
  • Standardize telecom services across the enterprise
  • Minimize the risk of obsolete technology

Value from Asia Technology Partners

We provide you with a complete turnkey solution, from network audit and design to rollout of a complete IP telephony system.

Solid Experience

We bring to the table the expertise that comes from over 20 years of delivering quality telecom solutions and a reputation in the industry as a leader in converged designs. Our customized solutions cover the needs of your whole network, from wide area network to the desktop. We design systems for maximum operational and management efficiency.

With us as a partner, you can concentrate your company's technical resources on your core business focus, not on becoming experts at telecom infrastructure. We can help you make the most of new technology while maximizing your existing investments. IP enabling your legacy phone systems lets you take advantage of new technology today while paving the way for migration to pure IP systems in the future.

Solutions Focus

We are not tied to a single vendor solution--we focus on building solutions that meet your needs. We have strategic partnerships with the world's leading vendors so you can be sure that our solutions will scale to meet the toughest demands. We combine world-class expertise with cost-effective locally developed products to insure that our solutions match your budget.

Here's what an ATP VoIP Solution can do for your company:

  • Provide cost-effective telephony services enterprise-wide from main offices to small branch locations anywhere
  • Reduce your infrastructure and operating costs by IP-enabling your existing system
  • Lower your total cost of ownership through savings associated with integrated network management
  • Reduce time to market by letting you quickly and easily add branch office services
  • Establish a platform for innovative, value-added applications that can help you increase your productivity and improve customer service